Animal ecology

Animal ecology is an important area of ​​research for scientists. The study of animals and how they relate to each other and how they relate to the environment. There are various forms of animal ecology.


The ecology of forests

Forestry is a significant part of the human environment. It covers approximately one third of all the Earth's surface and about the same from the continental United States.


Fragrance in Cattleya Orchids

OrchidFragrance is a bonus to the beautiful orchid flowers in collections. Often, the first hint of an orchid in bloom is its perfume. We smell it before we see it.


Gardening by the moon

seeds, gardenGardening by the moon refers to a planting guide which may help you to get best results in a garden. It basically helps you to find the best days for planting in accordance with changing phases and the sign of the moon.


Spring and Summer Orchid Care

orchidPrimal urges motivate us into spring cleaning, repotting, dividing, and spraying for this, that and those. The seasons of spring and summer are the best growing times of the year. It's time to rejuvenate your orchids that lapsed during the long, cold, dark winter.


Moon calendar for gardening

moon, man, gardenMoon calendar for gardening is a unique calendar which helps you to determine the best time for seed planting and transplanting activities in accordance with the different phases of the moon which exert pressure on the gravitational pull.


Living green for your pets

So you've decided to clean and green lifestyle. You know, to save energy, recycling, composting, using natural household products, to bring their own bags, and so forth.


Eco-friendly pet products

There are about eight million dogs and cats in eight million households across the UK. This is a significant number of domestic animals, and this proves that we are a country of pet lovers.


Yucatan ecology - nature and wildlife adventures

Mexico has the most diverse and abundant eco-system, the tropics, the forests and swamps, marshes and mangrove forests, deserts and mountains, gorges, canyons, cenotes and everything you can think of.


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Congratulations to our new Directors

I would like to introduce our two new members on the WBO Board of Directors:

Kamesh Salam from Northeast India, who contributes a tremendous amount of energy to the development of bamboo to pull poor families out of the poverty and replace wood, in all its uses, with bamboo to save trees and to protect the environment. Kamesh is Director of the Cane and Bamboo Technology Centre in Assam.


A Message from Gib Cooper of the BOTA Project

Dear BOTA Supporter,

I recently attended and spoke at the 1st Mexican Bamboo Congress that was recently held in Xalapa, Veracruz on December 8-10, 2005. Please find attached a short report.


Eco-tour to Mexico Announced at Bamboo Meeting

During the Oregon Bamboo Association meeting at Tradewinds Bamboo Nursery in Gold Beach host Gib Cooper announced there is room for six patron-travelers to join a video production tour of Veracruz State in Mexico between the dates of January 10-19, 2006. The tour is to be documented by Tony and Terri-Lynn Kalhagen of Makai Ohana, a local production team for television programming and is designed to produce a half-hour travel program for broadcast.


Structural Bamboo Buildings Design Competition

From Canadian Architect magazine:

"Architects, builders, designers, and students worldwide are invited to participate in this competition to develop new award-winning designs for bamboo buildings, to raise awareness of the use of certified structural bamboo for building code-approved structures, and to introduce architects, designers and builders to working with bamboo as a structural material."

WBO Members

Thank you for joining us and being a part of the World Bamboo Organization. This is an opportunity for us all to increase bamboo awareness everywhere. Please send us information about your work, projects, goals and we will share our experiences with the expanding membership. Please use the weblog Journal on this site by commenting on the articles and announcements therein.

Mexican Bamboo Collection Inauguration Story at BGCI Website

Dear BOTA Supporters,

Our Press Release has been taken up by Botanical Gardens Conservation International. The featured photo in the article is (then student) Biologist Jesus Pale demonstrating his native bamboo propagation project. David Cater of the Utility Research Garden in Austin, Texas recently donated seed germination equipment to assist Jesus with his work at Clavijero Botanical Garden.

Happy New Year!