Afghan Hound

Afghan hound dog breedBreed: Afghan (Afghan hound), breed of hunting dogs. This is a very ancient breed (several thousand years). It is derived in Afghanistan by crossing the Afghan native hound to the Persian hound - Saluki. In the late 19 th century it was brought to Britain, where in 1907 it was approved standard of this breed.

In 1926 there was created the first club of Afghan hounds. In his own country were used for the protection of livestock, hunting, and also bred for its beautiful exterior. The exotic appearance, majestic posture, graceful movement, full strength and dignity, the independent nature - that's the afghan.

General Features: This is high enough dog (height at the withers in males 26-29 in, females 24-26 in). Type constitution strong, dry. The head is elongated, tapered lines. Ears are long, hanging close to head, covered with very long, silky hair. His eyes almost triangular shape, the eastern section, dark, sometimes with a golden hue. The nose is black, light-colored dogs can have dark brown nose. Not too short tail ending loop. Luxurious, silky, straight hair frames the graceful figure of Afghan. Feet hidden feathered, forming "slippers". Color varied: one, two and three colors. The dog may be with a black mask, without a mask.

Temperament: Afghan love to run, so they need an impressive amount of physical activity, which creates some problems with the content of such dogs in a city. In the worst case is permissible to solve the problem through long walks. Afghan would be happy to pursue master astride a bicycle. Try to find near your place suitable sports ground (it should definitely be fenced!) Afghan active both at home and outdoors. They are incredibly fast run, able to perform just fantastic jumps. These dogs are amazingly good with children.

Health problems: Among the most common diseases should be called dysplasia of the hip joints, cataracts, paralysis. Remember that these dogs are known hypersensitivity to drugs. Avoid experimenting with fragrances.