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Meadow of Bobolink

bobolinkA bobolink is basically a dweller of green meadows; the males sing an implausible that is like that of the astonishing bubbling outbreak of annotations that directly takes you back to star wars movie and recalls the voice of among the Druid shown as R2-D2. The author F. Schuyler Mathews whose composition Field Book of Wild Birds and Their Music (that was primarily published in the year 1904) has signified that tone of voice in these words “a mad, reckless, song-fantasia, an outburst of pent up, irrepressible glee.”

You will find many lively and close recordings of songs of male Bobolink in my collection of Bobolink Song Fantasia. It is difficult enough for me to get hold of sounds cape performance of some male singing in concert. Then I lastly hit that gold during the spring season of the year 2009 while I was performing videotaping of bobolinks Finger Lakes National Forest located in New York.

Yet I remained busy with all the time but the experience was interesting every how to see the male bobolinks flying in different ways; some chasing another’s, some aimlessly here and there a few after female bobolinks. Yet they sing sitting yet sing flying. When they sing; the meadow gushes and quivers with sweet noise. I like this recording most of all because it gives soothe and call to remind the rumbling and fuming meadows in spring season. It’s a sort of appealing sounds cape full of activity; but pleasing and not harsh to your ears.

The spreading of pleasant sound in a quite peaceful manner of 2 bobolinks singing within spitting distance; one at the left margin and another on the right remarkably calls our attention. In the span of some distance woodpeckers happens to hear with drumming sound crossways the landscape. The ultimate music guide available at By moving further listen the chants of other paddock birds like Savannah Sparrow, field sparrow, blue jays and the most glorious conk-la-reees song of Red-winged Blackbirds.