WBC VIII / Brazil

World Bamboo is proud to announce that the World Bamboo Congress (WBC VIII) will be held in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil in June 2007. Exact dates and details of the congress are still to be determined and we will keep you posted as they become available.

Our host for WBC VIII will be Ebiobambu. Ebiobambu is the School of Bioarchitecture and a Center of Research and Experimental Technology of Bamboo (Escola de Bioarquitetura e Centro de Pesquisa e Tecnologia Experimental em Bambu)

Ebiobambu is dedicated to investigating and disseminating ecological knowledge and practical applications and techniques involving the use of land, fibers, recyclable materials and, especially, bamboo.

Established in June 2002, the school unites professionals involved in the research and development of enviromental technologies for construction and other fields. The organization has carried out numerous projects and regularly provides lectures, courses, workshops on bamboo as a building material.