Yucatan ecology - nature and wildlife adventures

Mexico has the most diverse and abundant eco-system, the tropics, the forests and swamps, marshes and mangrove forests, deserts and mountains, gorges, canyons, cenotes and everything you can think of.

It is almost completely inaccessible, except in a few places that the road was built, or have routes that you can take the legs. The coastline has a lot of well-developed cities and roads, while a small settlement on the peninsula and in the main house hunters who live in small communities.

If you decide to open it alone you can get in danger and that, in essence, why is it in fact is always better to use an experienced guide who knows the area very well, and you can get to the place you want to see.

There are a number of commercial undertakings, where visitors can meet and see the Mayan way of life. Xcarel and Xel-Ha are two such green parks, where the treatment of natural shoreline is accessible to all. In these environmentally friendly park visitors can see people dressed in traditional costumes of Maya, showing how the various crafts, as well as agricultural work was done in the past.

In the Yucatan, many rivers flow underground, and there are many caves, caves, along with the so-called Cenotes. Many of them are known only to people who live in the region, and you would like the local leadership to take you there in the other well-studied and mapped, and is suitable for diving. He said that some of these caves and waterfalls, even once been used by the Maya kings and queens, and you can take a mud bath with terracotta clay and rinse under a waterfall, as they used to.