Moon calendar for gardening

moon, man, gardenMoon calendar for gardening is a unique calendar which helps you to determine the best time for seed planting and transplanting activities in accordance with the different phases of the moon which exert pressure on the gravitational pull. Using the moon gardening calendar one can increase the speed as well as the success rate of germination and also the success rate of transplants. It indicates the days which are most suitable for plant germination and transplant, be it short germination, long germination or extra long germination seeds.

The new moon is considered the most apt time for plantation of short germinating and extra long germination seeds. This is mainly due to the reason that the gravitational pull of the moon while the new moon phase is highest. As a result short germinating seeds absorb water and the seed coat bursts rapidly. While the extra long germination seeds start absorbing water during this time and begin germinating during the next new moon. During the full moon, moonlight is decreasing and the lunar gravitational pull is increasing, which makes it suitable for long germination seeds to germinate well. This tie prepares the long germination seeds for germination for the next new moon phase. Then 21 days later the plant root systems will be strong enough to support rapid leaf growth.