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Beagle dog breedBreed: Beagle (English Beagle), breed of hunting hounds. The breed in the UK in 14 century by crossing the hare and hound harrera old English hounds for gregarious hunting hares, foxes and a variety of game. In England, for several centuries beagles were kept in the royal court for hunting in the leash. In the early 20 century beagles were in the U.S., where they are very popular. Currently, the breed spread throughout the world.




Afghan Hound

Afghan hound dog breedBreed: Afghan (Afghan hound), breed of hunting dogs. This is a very ancient breed (several thousand years). It is derived in Afghanistan by crossing the Afghan native hound to the Persian hound - Saluki. In the late 19 th century it was brought to Britain, where in 1907 it was approved standard of this breed.






Smartest dog breeds

Border collie smart dog breedThere are different breeds of dogs. All the different breeds have their distinctive characteristics and capabilities just like humans. The differences in different dog breeds can not only be seen in their physical appearances rather if one have a closer look at them then we he/she will come to know that there are many other differences in their psychologies and their way of interaction with humans. It is interesting to see how some breeds are hyperactive while other breed is real quite. Similarly some dog breeds are smarter than other.




Dog breeds good for kids

Yorkshire terrier dog breedDog is an animal that is loved by everyone around the world. The love for dogs has crossed all the age barriers and they are loved by all the age group people. Owning a dog as pet is an amazing experience and one can love the dog as pet. The dogs are considered as the best friend of human’s coz they can understand the feelings, emotions of humans and can interact with them.






Life span of West Highland white terrier

West highland white terrier dog breedWest Highland white terrier is commonly known as a Westie. It is a kind of dog which originally came from the highlands of Scotland. This white terrier has a white and coat and is considered as one of the most energetic dog, and are a good guardians of house as well just like other dogs. Previously West Highland white terrier was used to take out foxes.






All About Best Dog Breeds

Vacuum in life, need of a protective yet friendly support or just someone you can be goofy with, a dog as a pet is a perfect answer to fulfill all these needs. It can make you feel contented in life. Dogs are a species which have been loved and admired for their loyalty, strength and friendly nature since ages altogether.


List of dog breeds

There are countless number of dog breeds that are available. With the introduction of the designer dog breed, the number of breeds has gone even higher. The list of dog breeds therefore can be too long to mention in this article therefore there are few traits that will be considered with which the list of dog breeds is made below. One great trait to look for is the ability of dog breed to perform as family pet. Beloe is the list of dog breeds that are most popular among the families worldwide.